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Nuon/Vattenfall and Xpirit

New strategic platform for the self-service environment

For Nuon / Vattenfall, Xpirit was the ideal partner for the development of a new strategic platform for the self-service environment of Nuon’s website. Xpirit’s knowledge, skills and extensive experience with Microsoft Azure played a decisive role in the project’s success.

In the ‘My Nuon’ [Mijn Nuon] section of the website, customers of the Dutch energy supplier can perform a variety of activities, such as entering meter readings and viewing and paying invoices. In the past, Nuon always managed the required infrastructure itself. The same was true of the other energy companies owned by Vattenfall, Nuon’s Swedish parent company.

In the "Mijn Nuon" section of the website, customers can enter meter readings and view or pay invoices

Optimizing the infrastucture

However, managing the infrastructure in-house gradually became problematic: at peak times, there was only just enough capacity, and at other times, there was too much, leading to wastage.

To solve this problem, Nuon and Vattenfall decided on a shared environment with the options offered by the cloud, such as easy upscaling and downscaling. The solution consisted of standard PaaS services (Platform-as-a-Service) on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Optimizing the infrastucture

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