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Tesla, Eneco and Xpirit

Matching supply with demand of green energy in mobility.

For some time now, energy supplier Eneco has been providing an application for owners of electric cars that matches supply with demand in the domain of green (wind and solar) energy. Xpirit created the underlying cloud architecture, which, in conjunction with Microsoft Azure technology, played a decisive role in the project’s success.

Using their mobile phone, owners of electric cars – initially only Tesla, but shortly also other makes – can determine when their car needs to be charged, while the SlimLaden web application finds out the cheapest times. To this end, the application brings together a number of details: the user’s settings, such as the time by which the car’s battery needs to be fully charged; the rates, which, in principle, are adjusted every fifteen minutes; the details of the vehicle, such as how full the battery is at any given time. Based on this information, SlimLaden determines how many time units are required to ensure that the battery is fully charged when the user is ready to embark on their journey.

By drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we were able to build a superb cloud architecture that served as the vital foundation for the development of SlimLaden. A solid architecture plays a pivotal role in rapidly ensuring a high-quality result in an innovative environment. Because we are an authority on Microsoft Azure technology, we also managed to develop and implement the application in under three months.

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