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My ultimate moment: speaking at Microsoft TechDays

Martijn van der Sijde


Global DevOps Bootcamp

June 17, Xpirit HQ, Hilversum (or a venue near you!)

With more than 1500 attendees spread over 30 venues in 19 countries worldwide, we had a global reach on all continents. We have burned 8 years of CPU power during the event with 1500 virtual machines running in 8 different Azure data centers, while using the Visual Studio Team Services platform for the ultimate DevOps experience!

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Meet us

Xpirit attending Inspire

9-13 July, Washington D.C.

Xpiriters at this event: Pascal Greuter, Vivian Andringa

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Agile 2017

August 7-11, Orlando FL

Jesse will present his session “A whirlwind tour through the Microsoft DevOps landscape” at the Agile 2017 conference in Orlando, FL.

Xpiriters at this event: Jesse Houwing

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Xpirit @ TechDays 2017

October 12-13, RAI Amsterdam

TechDays is the annual Microsoft event for everyone passionate about technology. Save the date and meet our speakers.

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Visual Studio Live!

November 12-17, Orlando, FL

Marcel and Roy will deliver full day hands on workshops and sessions about mobile, continuous delivery, microservices and containerisation.

Xpiriters at this event: Roy Cornelissen, Marcel de Vries

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