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Do you feel surpassed by small  start-ups who are out-innovating you in the digital arena? Are you  stuck in an innovation deadlock? Are you facing a long and painstaking  endeavor  to transform into a digital enterprise? Xpirit has a  no-nonsense approach to help you rethink your ways of working, and become  resilient to disruptions from outside. Your organization  can also  maximize the flow of value to your end-customers or end-users!

How we work

Xpirit: Digital Transformation Enabler

We are looking for a magical click in our first conversation. The spark that gives you the feeling that we are the right partner for your transformation. Next in our approach is a short ten-day tailored assessment to measure your current digital maturity and determine the steps towards your digital transformation. After these initial ten days, you will have a clear vision and roadmap on how to move forward. Everything is tailored to your company, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter, “digital maturity” assessment questionnaires.

Honesty and balance

Expect honest feedback from us on your processes and organization at all times. With this constructive feedback, we always strive to take your organization a step further. Our strength lies in a balanced approach. We look at People, Process and Technology as a whole. We help you organize and leverage tools in such a way that value can flow faster and smoother through your pipeline, instead of focusing on eliminating small bottlenecks, which leads to sub-optimization.


People, Process, Technology

We offer strategic advice to enable your digital transformation. In addition, we assist in implementing your digital transformation platform on a tactical level.


Cultural shifts


Traditional organization structures are silos. Teams are grouped on the basis of the type of work they do. Unfortunately, this creates walls between these teams and slows down your value stream. These organizations end up serving the process rather than the end goal. A digital transformation requires a cultural shift. Our tie with the Xebia Group makes us a great partner for putting this cultural shift into motion. Xebia Digital Strategy and Xebia Agile Transformations offer a perfect augmentation to our services in order to make this happen.

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Let the process serve the end goal


Making the process serve the organization again requires rethinking your approach and vigorously eliminating waste. Applying DevOps and Continuous Delivery in an agile setting has become default to stay ahead. Our strength lies in helping you rethink your delivery process to achieve fast release cycles and short time to market. We see a strong synergy with the tools and technologies that can support this.


Enabling and inspiring


We realize that technology is at the heart of every organization nowadays. Sure, technology is not a goal in itself, but it’s definitely an enabler for innovation. Technology is a huge part of what makes Xpirit tick. Our consultants are outstanding in these fields:

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